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The sports and recreation sector encompasses all activities of leisure and sporting competition. Participants in this industry operate facilities where patrons can engage in sports, recreation, or amusement activities and/or provide other amusement and recreation services, such as supplying and servicing amusement devices, operating sports teams, clubs, or leagues that play games for recreational purposes, and guiding tours without using transportation equipment.

SPOTLIGHT ON SUCCESS: Powerwatts Collingwood at Peak to Shore Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine

Dr Henry Koo and Glenn Wark (Owners-Peak to Shore Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine) bought the Powerwatts franchise and in November 2015 they opened their doors! As avid cyclists themselves and having ridden the PW system in Toronto, they wanted to offer a cutting-edge indoor cycling studio in Collingwood.

The Early Days

Dr Henry Koo and his wife moved to Collingwood in 2004 shortly after they had their first child.

Glenn Wark was initially brought to Collingwood in 2006 after finishing school at McMaster University. His wife was offered a position at the hospital and after moving up here, and initially Glenn took a position with a sports injuries clinic in Barrie and a few years ago he decided to open his own Physiotherapy practice in Collingwood.

Both Dr Koo and Glenn had successful independent practices prior to opening peak to shore physiotherapy and sports medicine. The two medical professionals both took up cycling as a hobby and form of fitness. A friendship ensued and it just seemed natural to open up a multidisciplinary clinic together.

The studio ties in well with their new full service sports med facility (new facility opened spring 2016). The cycling studio integrates with their sports medicine facility and offers their patients a wide variety of rehab options.

PowerWatts™ is an indoor training system used to optimize cycling performance and fitness.  This system consists of an integration of proprietary hardware, software and interval matrices used to challenge the most seasoned athletes in a fun, dynamic environment. It has been refined and optimized over the last 20 years by applied exercise physiologists and coaches to allow athletes of all levels to train to their full potential. The unique system prescribes, stores and analyzes training data to allow for each rider to work at their own specific level. It was created in 1996 by exercise physiologist, coach and former professional Ironman triathlete Paulo Saldanha. Paulo coupled many years of racing experience with the science behind quality based conditioning to build an innovative and effective training tool.

PowerWatts™ includes very specific power based interval modules, with completely multi-adjustable bikes on proprietary hardware and software. All training sessions are led by a certified PowerWatts™ coach creating an effective, dynamic and exciting group training environment.

As with the bike training sessions, certified and experienced PowerWatts coaches lead all all the instructional workouts that focus on Technique, Endurance and Power development. The PowerWatts program offers workouts that are 60minutes long, over a 29-week period. These fun, challenging and dynamic workouts are jam packed with specific intervals designed to improve fitness and performance.

Why Collingwood?

Dr Koo tells us he feels extremely fortunate to live so close to the escarpment and tries to take make good use of the “mountain” as much as possible.  “We could envisage the kind of lifestyle we would enjoy in a four season resort town with so many outdoor activities that were not available to us in the city”.

“We fell in love with the active lifestyle and great outdoor activities Collingwood had to offer. A great place for our family!” says Glenn. Added to that, working with athletes at the Olympic, international, national and professional levels allowed him to see facilities across Canada. “Living and working in Collingwood I quickly began to realize that our community required a comparable  facility, where athletes and active individuals could receive health care and focused exercise and rehabilitation under one roof. Other facilities in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver all had Powerwatts within their rehabilitation centres. It allows us to offer the most scientific individual training and cycling diagnostics, which can be used for those coming back from injury or those looking for performance enhancement at all levels.”

Looking to the Future

The PW coaches, Steph Martinek, Noelle Wansbrough and Clay Abbott are the areas top level cyclists. They boast a wide range of clients include Olympic gold medalists and world champions from a variety of sport disciplines, professional and masters level cyclists, recreational cyclists, multisport athletes, and individuals who want to improve their overall fitness.

“With my own experience as a certified triathlon coach and certified ironman coach, I hope to utilize the facility for testing and training of triathletes in addition to cyclists. The system has also been used with many national skiers to either train in the off season or recovery from injury to allow high intensity training in a safe environment,” Glenn said when asked about future plans.

Glenn and Henry are very excited to bring Powerwatts to Collingwood. The four rider (plus coach) model has been very successful in its inaugural season. The future looks bright for Powerwatts in this town as the number of cycling enthusiasts continues to grow. Both novice and expert cyclists want to not only maintain cycling fitness through the winter but actually improve through the “off season”. Both Glenn and Henry feel that it is quite possible that this community will outgrow the 4 rider system.

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