The healthcare sector provides goods and services to treat patients with curative, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative care. The modern health care industry is divided depends on interdisciplinary teams of trained professionals and paraprofessionals to meet health needs of individuals and populations. The sector includes hospital management, medical products, medical and dental practices, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. Health encompasses physical, psychological, and emotional well-being.


Getting Started

Right at Home Georgian Triangle brings healthcare experience and expertise not only to the Collingwood region but into the home.  Providing virtual and physical medical and non-medical home healthcare to adults with disabilities and senior, Right at Home helps these individuals get the care they need in the comfort of their own homes wherever home is for them. With specific expertise in caring for people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Right at Home is a healthcare service committed to ensuring that seniors can stay in their home and in their community. Trained caregivers provide services including, but not limited to, companionship, shopping, transportation to appointments, hygiene and personal care, nursing and therapy.

Right at Home has been in operation for over 20 years and has operates in 8 countries worldwide. The Georgian Triangle branch has been open for over 3 years and serves numerous communities in the Georgian Triangle , reaching from Owen Sound to Muskoka. The company is growing rapidly growing, serving over  27 regional communities. Right at Home continues to expand its reach and serve more communities in the broader region. Find the full list of communities they serve here. “We are very proud to have helped over 250 families, employing over 100 people and supporting many local business’ in the communities that we serve.”

Why Collingwood

Adrienne Wood and her family moved to Collingwood so that her two children would be able to compete as alpine skiiers and decided to make the move permanent. Nancy had been coming to Collingwood for winter holidays all of her life, and carried on the tradition by taking her 4 daughters to the area for winter sports. Nancy and her family found themselves spending more and time in the South Georgian Bay region, and eventually decided to make Collingwood their full-time home. Both Adrienne and Nancy have been living in Collingwood for over 10 years now, enjoying the beautiful landscapes and excellent recreation the area has to offer.

In 2014, Adrienne and Nancy decided to set up a business to meet identified community healthcare needs. After researching home healthcare businesses, they decided to open a Right at Home regional office in Collingwood. They were impressed with the resources and support offered by the company to help achieve their goal of providing excellent home healthcare to families that need it.

Adrienne and Nancy are actively involved in the local community. They frequently act as volunteers, participants, and organizers for a range of programs, including Hospice, hospital, local clubs and non-profit events. They are also members of the Collingwood Chamber of Commerce, Readers choice favourites, service award winners, and one of our caregivers was recently awarded the caregiver of the year by the Ontario Home Care Association. In their spare time, they both enjoy skiing, hiking, biking and golf.

Looking to the Future

Right at Home aims to be the family when the family is not able to be there. Both Nancy and Adrienne are amazed to hear that in their experience, so far, that they have never “met anyone without a personal story about care for their loved ones.”  This is the need in the community that they are filling and intend to continue to serve as the need increases. Right at Home Georgian Triangle is quickly becoming a premier resource in the area for at-home care.

Find out more about Right at Home Georgian Triangle here.