The construction sector is engaged in preparation of land and construction, alteration, and repair of buildings, structures, and other real property. Construction includes planning, design, and project management.


Founded in 1973 by Thornbury entrepreneur Don MacLean, MacLean Engineering designs and manufacturers underground mining equipment as well as engineered solutions for the municipal, environmental and industrial goods sectors.

Why Collingwood?

We are headquartered in Collingwood, Ontario, where we have been innovating underground mining equipment solutions for over 40 years. As we continue to expand our product range and geographic footprint, we remain privately owned and consistently focused on the Company founder’s original engineered design imperatives – safety, productivity and enduring quality – and on his homeground.

The company  also has facilities in Barrie and Owen Sound, along with branch offices across Canada as well as in Mexico, Peru, Chile, South Africa and Australia.

MacLean sells its products and support services into 23 countries on six continents. They have been innovating underground mining equipment solutions for over 40 years and as they continue to expand their product range and geographic footprint, they remain proud of their Collingwood roots and future.

The company’s parade entry is part of the MacLean Mine-Mate line of utility vehicles –  a Scissor Lift – an underground multi-tasker used for the installation of a range of underground services.

Looking to the Future

We are in the process of writing the next chapters of the MacLean story, taking our hard rock expertise and custom-build approach to the fields of municipal infrastructure maintenance, hazardous materials recycling, construction, and contract manufacturing.  Our diverse and experienced engineering teams, working hand-in-hand with our international sales and product management teams, utilize leading-edge technologies to design equipment solutions that are purpose-built for the most challenging environments.

We mine solutions.





Early Days:

Owner of Funky Bunkies, Jessica Flynn and her husband Greg Flynn entered the construction and design industry full time in 2012 when they took on a restoration project of a Collingwood Downtown heritage building. In doing this, they grew their love for the challenges of the building industry. Jessica had been involved with entrepreneurship since moving to Collingwood in 2011. She worked alongside two local entrepreneurs in the start-up phases; the Oxford Learning Centre and IWA Spa. With her knowledge of entrepreneurship and passion for design and construction, she began envisioning a business opportunity.

In 2016, she began consulting with the Small Business Enterprise Centre in Collingwood to begin her own entrepreneurial journey. Fueled by determination and the support of her husband, Jessica started Funky Bunkies in 2016. The company’s tagline is to “think tiny, and live large”, creating customized, 400 sq. ft. or less, spaces that cater to the needs of any client. Whether it be added space for living, commercial use, or a client’s own private retreat, each design is unique and made to suit any request. Jessica and Greg were fortunate to have a fantastic local contractor, Mike Gray, join them in completing their restoration project. From this, a strong relationship was born and has since flourished. Mike now leads the completion of all construction components of the bunkies and does a fantastic job! In addition to the unique products that they offer, Funky Bunkies offers amazing full-service attention to detail. The company covers full project management, including design, permit obtainment, and construction.

Why Collingwood?

Jessica first moved to Collingwood in 2011, and shortly after met her partner Greg who had grown up in the area. After restoring the heritage building in the Collingwood Downtown, she saw a market for smaller scale construction and project management services in the area. Collingwood is full of entrepreneurial spirit and this is exactly the type of work culture that Jessica wanted to be in. Her small bunky designs are perfect for small business owners and residents alike. Collingwood itself is a reflection of the concept of thinking tiny, and living large. Although it is a small town, Collingwood has an immense offering of life-style inspired activities available to its residents all year round, and attracts those who have a passion for living life to the fullest. Jessica loves being near Georgian Bay and hiking the trails in the area. Above all, she loves the community outreach. The positive vibes and support that the Town of Collingwood has provided to Jessica, Greg and their team has inspired them to open their business and be a part of the ever-growing entrepreneurship community.

Looking to the Future:

Funky Bunkies is on a very positive trajectory and will be featured in the summer 2017 edition of Our Homes Magazine. With client requests ranging from Muskoka to Owen Sound, Jessica and her team are sure to be busy. Jessica is also committed to helping the local community in as many ways as possible. As the company progresses, they will look to expand their team and create more jobs in the local community. The company will explore franchise opportunities in the future but for now, Jessica is focusing on growing the new business locally. More info about Funky Bunkies can be found at