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Community Profile 

An Introduction to Collingwood including comprehensive data about the area and residents.Demographics, transportation, taxes, business support programs and more. Download pdf 

Why Collingwood

12 reasons that make Collingwood a great place to live a better life. Link to Why Collingwood

Success Stories

This section links to success stories from the 12 key sectors in Collingwood.

In 2014 the Financial Post ranked Collingwood as one of the top 10 Canadian cities for entrepreneurialism and small business growth, and the number 1 ranked city in Ontario. Companies can also request an informational tour by the Town’s Councillors. Link to business sectors.


Visit this page to keep up to date with Collingwood business events. Link to Events


interactive-map-400wThe interactive 360° aerial view of Collingwood can be embedded on a website.

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Land & Space

Love Where You Work

  1. How do I launch a business here? From concept to opening – resources including Centre for Business and Economic Development, Small Business Enterprise Centre, Collingwood Chamber of Commerce
  2. What career opportunities are here? Link to Job Central
  3. Help me find a home. Link to Southern Georgian Bay Association of Realtors
  4. Education Options – links to  primary, secondary, post secondary education and continuing education opportunities in Collingwood.
  5. Healthcare Services: including links to Collingwood General and Marine Hospital, Georgian Bay Family Health Team, Hospice Georgian Triangle and Rural Ontario Medial Program.

Business Thrives Here

  1. What support for business is available? Information about the Business Development Centre (BDC) and funding opportunities. 
  2. Tell me about the business community. 12 Key sectors in Collingwood and links to Success Stories for each sector.
  3. Help me start a business. Information about getting started, community connections and launching your business.
  4. Help me grow a business. Link to South Georgian Bay Enterprise Centre
  5. Show me important resources – link to business resources

The Lifestyle You Want

  1. Link to maps
  2. Exploring the outdoors – information about Collingwood’s environmental alliances and achievements
  3. Community Programs – volunteer opportunities and latest Collingwood Community Activity Guide
  4. Recreation, Art & Culture and Special Events
  5. Shopping – Links to Downtown shops and Cranberry Mews

Photos of Collingwood are available on the Experience Collingwood Facebook page

Videos are available on the Experience Collingwood YouTube page