Media Interview Highlights Collingwood Business Support and Success

October 28th, 2016

CLICK HERE to view the video.

In July of this year, two great changes occurred at the Business Development Centre in Collingwood. The Board of Directors of the Centre for Business and Economic Development announced Gillian Fairley as the new General Manager.

Tim Newton has taken over the role of the Manager of the South Georgian Bay Small Business Enterprise Centre.

Existing and new clients will be drawing on the wealth of experience knowledge and expertise in both of these uniquely qualified individuals. Gillian brings a broad depth of experience providing consulting to both small businesses and large multinational corporations, as well as a strong background in project management and economic development. Tim has consulted to over 750 entrepreneurs, providing usable advice for all stages of operating a small business. As part of the team at the Business Development Centre, they make a dynamic duo.

Recently there they were interviewed by Rogers Television on Georgian Bay Living, together with Rhea Burns, co-founder of The Clever Office, Collingwood.

For more information on the services these three organizations provide, Click the links below:

Centre for Business and Economic Development

SGB Small Business Enterprise Centre

The Clever Office

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