Employee Sourcing Strategies for Collingwood

July 13th, 2017

Employee Sourcing Strategies for Collingwood

Did you know…
• Georgian College enrolls 39,000 students annually, in 125+ programs from Design to Hospitality to the Trades? That also means a lot of alumni.
• there is a growing group of highly skilled, experienced job seekers who are new to the Collingwood area? Tracks can help you find them.
• subsidies are available to help pay new employees while you’re training them?

Here are 5 tips for finding and keeping great people for your Collingwood business:

(1) Leverage Local Labour Pools…
Two great local resources are Georgian College, and Tracks.  Each organization offers a free, centralized service that works on the employer’s behalf to match available candidates with postings. In other words: employers can gain access to thousands of potential applicants through one team whose job is to filter and find suitable candidates. Nice.

Who are these candidates anyway? Well, through Georgian College Career Services, the pool includes 10,000 full-time and 29,000 part-time students, plus 50 years’ worth of alumni. The college’s 125+ programs include co-op placements and apprenticeship, as well as partnerships with universities to offer degree programs. And here’s a fun fact: not all students are under 21. The average age of a student at the Southern Georgian Bay campus is 31.

While Tracks began as a youth-focused program 30 years ago, they now offer support to anyone seeking work, including those who are under-employed. In addition to programs for candidates under 29, Tracks is now serving a growing group of highly skilled job seekers aged 55+.

What’s even more compelling is that these organizations may be a gateway to helping you fund your growing business. Georgian College Career Services can share info about the tax savings incentives related to hiring students. And your Tracks contact can help determine if you are eligible for subsidizing a new employee’s wages while you train him/her, or for one of their other employment related programs.

Ashley Carnrite, Employer Engagement Consultant:
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(2) The Search Continues? Cast Your Net Wider.
45% of Collingwood’s labour force commutes into town (as noted in the Town of Collingwood Community Profile ). So when you are advertising a job opening or writing a new posting, consider that applicants may come from neighbouring towns, villages, and counties.

One of the most popular online job sites for local applicants is indeed.com, and employers who use the site should be prepared for an onslaught of resumes, qualified or otherwise. For some great tips on how to pre-filter the applicants (before you even see one resume), check out this article: Click Here.

(3) Develop an Employee Referral Program.
It has been said that employee referrals are the best source of new hires. Your current employee’s pre-screening increases the chances of a high caliber, well-matched candidate who is more likely to perform (so as not to embarrass the friend) and less likely to quit. So why not encourage current employees to recruit their friends, and reward them when they are successful? Here are some tips for setting up an employee referral program at your organization: Click Here.

(4) Stand Out From Your Competition.
If you want the best Collingwood employees (and you want to keep them), be one of the best employers in Collingwood. As a frame of reference, check out Canada’s Top 100 Employers, which compares companies using the following 8 criteria: (1) Physical Workplace; (2) Work Atmosphere & Social; (3) Health, Financial & Family Benefits; (4) Vacation & Time Off; (5) Employee Communications; (6) Performance Management; (7) Training & Skills Development; and (8) Community Involvement.

In fact, Collingwood’s own Agnora, Inc was selected as one of Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers! See here for details. While your business may not have the budget to hire an in-house massage therapist, it may be worthwhile for you as an employer to consider your strengths and opportunities to improve under each of the 8 criteria listed above.

(5) Take Advantage of Free Resources to Do It Right (and share the work).
We’ve already mentioned the teams available at Georgian College and Tracks. In addition, remember that the team at the Collingwood Business Development Centre exists to help your Collingwood business be successful. BDC experts Gillian Fairley and Tim Newton are helping local businesses start, grow, and succeed every day.

In their experience, understaffed employers are tempted to hire quickly, sometimes resulting in a situation that’s worse than before the job was filled. It’s important to spend the time up front to ensure an accurate job description is written. They also recommend that businesses take the time to understand their obligations as an employer, and get support where it’s warranted to create a proper employment contract. Sometimes outsourcing the job makes more sense than hiring a full-time employee. These are all areas where Tim and Gillian can offer guidance and connect business owners with appropriate contacts and resources where needed.

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