Collingwood 350k grant pilot project aims to solve flooding issues

January 12th, 2018

[NEWS Nov 30, 2017] A group of organizations is looking to solve the problem of flooding in Collingwood.

The Collingwood Smart Stormwater Pilot Project includes Safe Sump, Rain Grid, Greenland Engineering, The Environment Network and Huronia Alarm.

“This is an innovate way of collecting data on a real time basis, helping homes to protect their basements,” said Mark Palmer, Greenland CEO and project manager.

“There is a heightened awareness of flooding susceptibility, due to season effects, groundwater, snow melt and climate change.” Palmer said the technology pilot is looking to install 75 “safe sump” systems in homes in Collingwood.

“We’re looking for 75 homes in Collingwood that will get a free sump pump system, and there are also 10 internet-connected rain barrels,” Palmer said in an interview with

Safe Sump is a sump pump that includes a monitoring system that connects to the internet and offers real time information on the status of your pump.

Developed by Daniel Correia, a Wasaga Beach resident when he was 18, residents will be able to tell how much battery life is remaining in their sump pump. “As a homeowner, you’ll have the ability to access this on a real time basis to give you piece of mind,” said Palmer. Rain Grid is a company that produces rain barrels that connect to the internet and also gives real time information.

The group also plans to monitor two parking lots in town to “confirm their effectiveness in reducing flooding risk from severe rainfall.” Palmer said Greenland’s role is to collect all of the data and look at the information and break it down for the municipality. “It’s a way of coming into the 21st century,” Palmer said. “We do the computer side of this to come up with solutions. My job is to manage the project, but also (get the partners) to understand that the data they collect has a greater good value for municipalities and homeowners.”

As well as the goal of reducing flooding, the project could also help grow local companies, like Safe Sump.

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Photocredit & story: John Edwards,  Collingwood Connection