Betty Langford: Helping Business Grow & Living in the Present

April 28th, 2015

Need a loan for your business start-up or expansion? Call Betty Langford, General Manager of the Centre for Business and Economic Development, and co-collaborator at the Business Development Centre.  Betty has been working with the Centre for Business for almost 18 years, and has over 38 years of experience in the financial industry.

Betty moved to the top of Blue Mountain at the age of 11.  She later attended Humber College for post-secondary education, and then went straight into the legal field as a legal assistant in Toronto.  Betty moved back to Collingwood when she got married, and worked for a local law firm before embarking on a career at CIBC, where she worked for many years before joining the Centre for Business.  Betty has recently taken on the position of General Manager at the Centre for Business from her previous role as Loans Officer.

Helping Local Business

When asked what attracted her to a career in helping business development, Betty says that it came naturally- she has always been interested in finances as well as the legal aspect of running a business, and the two came together organically in her work with the Centre for Business. Betty’s husband of nearly 40 years is self-employed, so she is personally connected to local, small business, and passionate about helping businesses succeed.

While the most rewarding aspect of her position is seeing small businesses grow & flourish, the most difficult part is not having the resources to offer more training and mentoring.  Betty tells us that this is where collaboration with community partners is so important to being able to offer more to the business community.

From Small to Successful

The lending work through the Centre for Business is confidential, but Betty tells us that many clients are willing to share their experience.  An interesting project has been her involvement with a Collingwood business:  Sensor Technology.  Betty helped guide the business through the loan application process and they were ultimately successful.   Sensor Technology has been in business for over 25 years. Products designed and manufactured by Sensor Tech have been used by customers in over 40 countries, and have been sold to clients such as NASA and to the Canadian Navy.

Betty also told us that before her time, the Centre for Business provided a loan to a small business in New Lowell- you might have heard of Miss Vicky’s chips? The small business sold out to a multinational corporation, and is a brand name that everyone knows.

Live in the Now

When Betty isn’t working, she spends a lot of time with her family. She has 3 children and is very involved with her 6 grandchildren.  Betty also enjoys reading and going for walks, particularly along the waterfront.  Her favourite things to do in the Collingwood area include exploring the trails, cross country skiing, local shopping, and taking in a Theatre Collingwood performance.

Betty’s outlook on life is that you have to live in the now. Don’t wait until you retire to travel, spend time with friends and family; don’t put off doing the things you love. Do it today!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Betty’s job is the team she works with.  Betty has an amazing staff, and a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors. Betty says that the Centre for Business could not operate without its Directors, who volunteer countless hours to support small business in our area.   Betty is a people-person who enjoys communicating with clients and local business owners who share a passion for business development.

Things you didn’t know about Betty:

  • Betty was born in Algonquin Park.  Her great grandfather was the longest running superintendent of Algonquin Park.
  • Betty attended a one room school during her public school days
  • Betty  loves to dance
  • Betty volunteers for  the Red Cross Meals On Wheels delivery in the Collingwood area

The Centre for Business and Economic Development serves the South Georgian Bay region and Dufferin County. Betty can most often be found in her office, working tirelessly with clients, or meeting with partners and establishing additional partnerships to strengthen the local business community.

Betty is located at the Business Development Centre at 105 Hurontario Street.



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